Depending on what kind of traveler you are will depend on how much you spend. The great thing about Siargao is that it appeals to both the penny pincher as well as the splurger. On the cheap end, there are a variety of accommodations where you can lay your head for 250 – 700 PHP (US $5 – $14) per night. On the more pricy side you can pay up to 16,000 PHP (US $317) per night (Check out my list of top places to stay in Siargao LINK).

When it comes to dining out expect to pay 250-400 PHP for a main course at most restaurants/resorts (Check out my top list of restaurants on Siargao LINK).As for drinking at the dinner table or out to party with your friends expect to pay 50 PHP (US $1) per beer or rum & coke. Other cocktails can range anywhere from 80 PHP up to 200 PHP (US $1.60 – $4).

Transportation costs will be about 400 PHP (US $8) per day for a motorbike rental. You can save money by walking or taking a habal habal (motorbike taxi) around. Each trip on a habal habal should cost you 20 – 35 PHP US 40cents – 70cents).

If you came to surf check out Fat Lips surf shop for board rentals where you can rent one for around 350 PHP (US $7) per day. They have deals for long term rentals so be sure to ask.

Lastly, activities in Siargao like Island hopping, The Lupita Adventures Sunset Cruise, lagoon trips or other day excursions will cost you 750 PHP – 2000 PHP (US $15 – $40) per person depending on the activity.

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