One question would be travelers to Siargao might have is if it’s family friendly. The island is full of tourists ranging from 20 – 40 and the majority of them are single or taking a trip with their significant other, but the way Siargao is developing it is becoming more family friendly. But that being said there are still a few obstacles for families used to western world accommodations.

Getting around: If you have more than one child and you aren’t used to driving a motorbike, this could be a problem. Most people get around on motorbikes or scooters, but a good alternative is to rent a motorbike with a side car. At about 500 PHP (US $10) per day its much easier to dive and you will also be able to fit 4-5 people as well as any bags you bring along. On the more expensive side you could also rent a van for 2,500 (US $50) per day. Just ask your resort where you can rent a sidecar or van.

Family friendly beach: Most of the island is family friendly and a great place for a kid to explore. There is a long stretch of beach starting from Siargao Inn all the way down to Romantic Beach Villas where you won’t find many people even though it’s in the heart of General Luna. For an even nicer beach check out Malinao on the opposite side of General Luna than all the resorts and restaurants. Make sure to time this right though. Head there during low to mid tide or else the beach will mostly be under water during high tide.

Activities: There are plenty of activities you can do with your family. Island hopping is an island favorite or you can take a trip up north to the more calm and relaxing part of the island. For the more active families you can hire a surf coach for 500 PHP (US $10) per hour through your hotel. (For more on activities around the island check out my top list of land and water activities around the island LINK)

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