Siargao Island Hopping Tour Package

1,800 Philippines Pesos per person
Lupita Siargao Sunset Cruise Boat Party
Lupita Siargao Sunset Boat Tour
Siargao Island Hopping Tour
If you’re looking for the ultimate Siargao Island hopping experience and If watching the sunset and cruising around on a boat sound like something you’d like then don’t miss our biweekly sunset cruises. Our fun filled cruises will take you from the General Luna pier, passing through some of the most beautiful islands off the coast and straight to your happy place. This all inclusive tour will make sure you are well fed, all you can drink beer/rum, and our DJ will make sure the vibe is right!

Who’s this trip for?

This is for everyone, especially if you’ve already tried the typical Siargao Island hopping tour! Whether you are a nomadic adventurer or a city dwelling hipster this activity is for you! Part of the beauty of Siargao is the different backgrounds and the diverse crowd the island attracts. With the friendly nature of the island and its visitors you will be sure to make new friends before the sun even sets. We encourage all ages, young and old to join. Although, for this activity our age cut off is 16 years old. Half of this cruise is at night and there is alcohol being served so for safety reasons we please ask you to leave your kids on land. We have more family friendly activities where you can enjoy with your little ones! Also, for most of our activities we encourage our guests to know how to swim, if not, we do have life jackets available for everyone on the boat. Siargao Island tours have never been this awesome!

What’s the best time of year to visit Siargao?

Siargao has two seasons: Dry season and wet season. Dry season typically lasts from end of April to mid November and wet season lasts from December to March. Just because it’s wet season doesn’t mean it will be raining all day every day, but you will see a fair amount of rain if you’re on the island during that period.

What time does the trip start and finish?

The earliest departure time is 9:00AM but the trip starts whenever you want it to. The day rate is still the same whether you leave at 8:00AM or 10:00AM. We will start to head back to Siargao around sunset time and have you on land just after the sun goes down.

How many people can the boat hold for this trip?

Our maximum load for the sunset cruises will top off at 15 guests. Since there is such limited space we recommend you book online to secure your spot and also that of your friends if you’re travelling in a group.

How to Book:

You have two options to book this activity. The first is the easiest. Right here on our website you can secure your spot on the boat. This is the best course of action since there are limited spots available. Your other option is to come to our office (well it’s more like a table) at Villa Solaria Siargao and we will get you all set up there!

What’s included?

  • Your Lunch/Dinner
  • Unlimited Water, Beers and Rum (Specialty drinks are available for additional cost)
  • Captain and Crew
  • Environmental Fees, Docking Fees & other misc. fees

What’s not included?

  • Towels
  • Good weather
  • Snorkel


  • 1,800 Philippines Pesos per person
Lupita Siargao Sunset Cruise Boat Party
Lupita Siargao Sunset Boat Tour
Siargao Island Hopping Tour

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