Before traveling to a certain destination it’s usually best to know what to expect from the place, well at least a little. As far as the community goes, Siargao has large diversity of travelers as well as expats. In General Luna you will find the most popular touristic location due to the world famous Cloud 9 surf break. In this small area you can find expats as well as non-Siargao native Filipinos calling Siargao home for any time period of 1 month to 20 years. With the General Luna area being so small it’s very common that most of the community knows each other and is very friendly with one another. And since island life is not always the most convenient, the travelers and more so the expats you will find there are usually the types of people that are looking for these off the map travel destinations like Siargao. So needless to say, you will find very fun, welcoming and warm people on the island that will be quick to make friends. For a smaller international community head up north to Pacifico, an area well known for its sleepy surf environment and beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can find a few resorts and as well as a couple hostels for surfers to pass the time between surf sessions.

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