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Top Water Activities on Siargao

Top Water Activities on Siargao As you could have expected, being on an island there are a bevy of water activities to choose from. So here is my list. Island hopping There are three main islands off the coast of Siargao where your boat will take you. You can either...

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Top Places to Eat in Siargao

With so many restaurants and resorts to choose from it’s important to make the most out of your vacation and know where to eat! So here are my top choices in the General Luna area. +63 998 592 080 Kermit Surf Resort Style: Italian With the best...

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Top Land Activities in Siargao

With so many options and activities available on Siargao here are my top choices if you are planning to spend your day on land. Rent a Bike and Get Lost When I first arrived to Siargao this was my favorite thing to do. With the drive from the south of the island to...

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Siargao for the non-surfer

As you may already know Siargao became popular for its surf and has been attracting surfers ever since. As the island has developed it now offers many opportunities for the non surfer as well. So here are some things you can do if surfing isn’t your thing. This is...

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Siargao Community

Before traveling to a certain destination it’s usually best to know what to expect from the place, well at least a little. As far as the community goes, Siargao has large diversity of travelers as well as expats. In General Luna you will find the most popular...

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How To Get Around Siargao

You can arrive to Siargao by boat or by plane. By boat, you will first have to find your way to Surigao, which is located in the province of Surigao del Norte. There are normally 3 boats per day running to Dapa, check out for the schedule. Depending...

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