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Family Friendly Siargao

One question would be travelers to Siargao might have is if it’s family friendly. The island is full of tourists ranging from 20 – 40 and the majority of them are single or taking a trip with their significant other, but the way Siargao is developing it is becoming...

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Cost of Your Siargao Vacation

Depending on what kind of traveler you are will depend on how much you spend. The great thing about Siargao is that it appeals to both the penny pincher as well as the splurger. On the cheap end, there are a variety of accommodations where you can lay your head for...

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Things to know before booking your trip

For many, knowing a bit of what to expect from a destination is key. So here is some helpful info before you book. Siargao became known as a tourist destination due to the popular surf spot, Cloud 9. Many of the tourists you will find on the island are surfers or at...

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