For many, knowing a bit of what to expect from a destination is key. So here is some helpful info before you book.

Siargao became known as a tourist destination due to the popular surf spot, Cloud 9. Many of the tourists you will find on the island are surfers or at least interested in learning. If they are not surfers they are usually the adventure tourist that is looking for a vacation spot not on the mainstream tourist map, but this is starting to change.

Siargao, although it has some very nice accommodations it is still a fairly basic island without a lot of amenities. They converted the national highway, which is one lane in each direction, into asphalt just 3 years ago, while many roads are still dirt. This is something to keep in mind if you want to rent a motorbike. It is not unusual for the island to be powerless on Sundays although the more expensive resorts and some restaurants have generators. This may sound inconvenient but it’s a good excuse to take a trip around the island or spend your day outside. As far as getting around it’s mostly by motorbike (check out my “How To Get Around” article for more info LINK) but other options are available. As far as food goes, the island has a quite large diversity of food options with all of the different expat influences so you will have your choice of cuisines (Check out my list of “Top places to eat”). Even though there is a broad selection of dining options it is still an island and be prepared for items to be out of stock. If these details are just minor ones for you then Siargao could be a great destination for your next trip!

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