With so many restaurants and resorts to choose from it’s important to make the most out of your vacation and know where to eat! So here are my top choices in the General Luna area.

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Kermit Surf Resort

Style: Italian

With the best Italian food on the island you can’t go wrong with Kermits. Popular for their pizzas, a single pie costing around 300 PHP (US $6) is enough for 1 person but sharing is always encouraged on the island! Their daily 2 for 1 drink happy hour (4pm-7pm) will be sure to get your evening started on the right foot. Space is always limited so make sure to call for a reservation.


Style: BBQ

Located on the main road across from fat lips board shop you’ll find this local spot with the best BBQ on the island. You will be greeted at the entrance by an employee and a glass case with a selection of raw foods. It’s just as simple as pointing and saying what you want. A nice environment to hang out in and you will most likely see a few of your new island friends dining there. Make sure to arrive around 5:30 or 6:00pm to avoid long waits and limited selections. Two chicken legs, 1 veggie stick and rice will cost you 165 PHP (US $3.25).

+63 999 409 6252

Kawayan Resort

Style: Fine Dining French/Mediterranean Cuisine

Whether you go for their daily happy hour to shoot some pool and hang out with friend or eat, Kawayan gives you paradise with a taste of luxury. Their prices are a bit higher than other restaurants but fine dining has its cost. Be sure to try their chicken tajine, the bruschetta is an easy choice for a starter and if you’re still hungry after your dinner give their homemade ice cream a try!

La Carinderia

Style: Italian

Located on the main road just next door to fat lips surf shop you will find this charming little Italian restaurant with about 6 tables and all of them situated outside. Whether you want to have an authentic Italian dinner prepared by the owner from Milan or you want to enjoy a good coffee, this is your place. Must tires include their Parmiggiana (Lasagna with eggplant instead of pasta), any of the meatballs and as well as their delicious pastas.

Kitya’s Place

Style: Filipino/Mediterranean

For a relaxed environment with great food check out Kitya’s place. This place is a personal favorite because of the environment, friendly people and prices, jam nights and overall good vibes. Must tries include the Shakshuka (better for breakfast) and the Arabic Mezze Platter.


Style: Healthy Breakfast/Lunch

This is the perfect place to have breakfast or to stop by after a tiring surf session. Whether you try one of their acai bowls with freshly cut fruit or indulge in one of their fruit smoothies while enjoying the view of the Cloud 9 surf break just across the street you will leave Shaka feeling full of energy and ready to keep the good times rolling.

Fili Beans Café

Style: Café

It would be a shame to give the top eats without mentioning where you can find the best coffee on the island. For that you will have to take a trip to Harana Surf Resort and just in front of the entrance on the left hand side you will find Fili Beans Café. Stop by there for your morning late or for your midday espresso pick me up and you’ll be greeted by a friendly barista and some island regulars. Be sure not to miss Harana’s weekly espresso martini night hosted by Fili Beans

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